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International Forestry Students’ Symposium

The IFSS is the biggest annual event of IFSA. Each year this two week event is attended by over hundred students from all over the world. The symposium provides an opportunity to the students to exchange knowledge and share interests while participating in a range of forestry activities. During the Symposium the IFSA General Assembly takes place, and discusses all the different proposals collected through diverse commission and working groups. Furthermore, all IFSA positions for following year are put to a vote.

IFSS (International Symposium of Forest Students) has been organized since 1973, every year in a different country. In recent years, the symposium has been organized by universities from countries such as South Africa, Austria, the Philippines and Canada. The symposium participants are forestry students who come from all over the world and who have the opportunity to experience forestry as practiced in the host country. These symposia, organized under the auspices of the International Association of Forest Students (IFSA), aim to promote international forestry education and develop forestry professionals who are aware that ecosystems Forests thrive beyond political frontiers.

The 46 º International Forestry Student symposium will be held in 6 different states of the country. The first state to be visited will be Mexico City, which will take place a three-day pre-tour, from August 2 to 4, 2018. Thereafter, the formal registration of the participants will begin on August 5, 2018 and from the 6th of August of 2018 the symposium will be held following a route by Mexico City, State of Mexico, Puebla, Veracruz and Oaxaca.

After many years, Latin America is opening its arms to the world; matters of environment and forestry are the backbone of the world, but here they are the reality. It is likely that “biodiversity” will be the most recurrent word throughout the conference, but its meaning in Mexico goes far beyond different ecosystems and forms of life.


You’re in Mexico, a place of many faces; faces of celebrations, cheerfulness, mischief and lots of flavor. This adventure begins with happiness so be foolhardy for this entering to this inspiring place that we, as Mexicans, all proudly boast. A culture of joy and traditions that captures hearts all over the world, with people so unique that stereotypes are defied at every glance.


We begin where we end, but not in the same way. You’ll experience nearly all of the ecosystems that exist in the country and you’ll become familiar with a large part of our rich indigenous culture, a culture in which we are all rooted; a culture that has always owned the forest, that seeks to develop in its own way, that upholds its customs and teaches us that development isn’t restricted to one single path. As Mexico’s youth we begin the journey of organizing this conference during times of change.


The Organizing Committee had the great task of deciding what to exhibit in a mere 16 days of a country that contains so much, focusing on forestry and projecting the forest as an integral entity in which its components don’t orbit around a tree but in the brother that lives there.


We welcome you with affection, love and the hope that you cherish Mexico like all that come here. The IFSS will be wonderful because you are here. Enjoy all that we are and all that we offer, because now that you are here it is yours.